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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan
Watch & Learn x Can't Stop x Different Deal x Full Shift x Prenup
Ear Notch: 8-1
Registration # 382288001

Semen Available

To say that this one can be described as "unique" would be an understatement! Genetically, this guy is bred to be stout and he takes it to another level! Lesson Plan's mother (54-11) is quickly escalating in the ranks here at Beyers Farms. She is Backroad's sister and has garnered an impressive resume in just two litters, producing two herd boars and several winners already. Phenotypically, his pieces are not often found in the same package! His bone, foot size, and extra stoutness of feature tie into a mobile skeleton but, he adds to that by being a slick necked, good looking boar that can make show hogs that are hard to beat! Where he gets special is when you get on top of him. He is really square at the top of his blade and has a massive, shapely back that sits on top of a huge, barrel shaped rib cage! Tie all that in with a big, square hip and you have an awesome combination for making elite show barrows!

This guy is not for every sow, but if you need to stouten one up and make them more shapely and attractive, he can certainly do that in one shot! He will be a big part of the plan going forward here at Beyers Farms!




Taking Lessons

Taking Lessons
Watch & Learn x Lifetime x Milestone
Sold to Purple Power Boar Stud





Road Trip

Road Trip
Backroad x Red Flash
Bred by Beyers Farms
Sold to Crossroads Genetics






Can't Stop x Different Deal x Full Shift x Prenup
Ear Notch: 54-3
Registration# 367999003

Semen Available

Backroad is a littermate to the Champion Duroc at the 2016 Muskogee Regional in Oklahoma & the Fifth Overall Duroc Barrow at 2016 OYE! Yet another barrow was a premium sale qualifier at 2016 Houston! We retained a littermate sister that appears as though she is going to be a real generator, judging by her first litter. Backroad is a extremely intriguing breeding piece! He has enormous legs, especially rear legs, with big feet and great toes. He is extremely flexible in the way his skeleton is assembled from front to rear! Along with all that, he has a great presence up thru his front end with his head and neck coming real high out of his blade while still having a stout skull and jaw line! Squareness and shape of muscle are also a plus with this guy! We are breeding several sows to this guy! First litters were received very well this fall with the depth and consistency of the litters being extremely good!




Fist Fight

Prison Style 150 x Lifetime x Milestone

Sold to Apex Sires




Lead Off Lead Off

Franchise x Shiftin Gears

Bred by Beyers Farms
Purchased by Crossroads Genetics
Contact Adam or Jason for semen availability

Littermate to:

Reserve 4-H Duroc Barrow - 2016 California State Fair
Fourth Division II Duroc Barrow - 2016 NJSS
Reserve Grand Overall Barrow - 2016 Delaware County, IN






Different Deal

Different Deal
Bold Ruler x Full Shift

Ear Notch: 45-3
Registration# 349736003

Leased to Crossroads Genetics
Please contact Adam Beck or Jason Corya to purchase semen.

As this one’s name implies, he’s a little different than most raised here. This one is stout featured, chunky and sappy bellied. Is he perfect for all sows? No, but this one can make a big change with one shot. He has a tremendous body cavity starting with a big, powerful, square blade that sets on top of a huge forearm and big front foot. Forerib shape and center body shape are awesome, which allow for a huge back with a great turn to his loin. Flexibility and squareness are an added bonus for this unique herdsire. Different Deal sired our $7,000 gilt and $3,200 barrow at the Perfect Timing Pig Sale!

Winners sired by Different Deal:

Champion Duroc & Reserve Grand Overall Gilt - 2015 Western Regional
Champion Duroc Gilt - 2015 NW District @ Woodward, OK  (semen sales)
Champion Duroc & Reserve Grand Overall - 2015 Muskogee County, OK
Champion Duroc - 2015 Muskogee Regional, OK
Reserve Duroc Barrow - 2015 Houston
Second place Lightweight - 2015 Houston
Reserve Duroc - 2015 Tulsa County, OK
Reserve Duroc - 2015 STAR Show, TX
Campion Duroc - 2015 Cherokee County, OK
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 OYE
Seventh Overall Duroc Barrow - 2015 OYE  (semen sales)
Champion Duroc & Fifth Overall Barrow - 2015 Mid Illini Classic (semen sales)
Class Winning Barrow - 2015 NJSS (semen sales)
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 Racine County, WI (semen sales)
Champion Duroc Gilt - 2015 Clinton County, IA (semen sales)
Class Winning Barrow - 2015 IL State Fair Junior Show
Champion Duroc & Grand Overall Barrow - 2015 Tulsa State Fair (semen sales)
Champion Duroc - 2015 Black & Gold Jackpot, Day 1 & 2
Reserve Heavyweight Duroc Barrow - 2016 San Antonio
Reserve Duroc Barrrow - 2016 WPX Junior National
Third Overall Duroc Barrow - 2016 WPX Junior National




Shiftin Gears Shiftin Gears

Shiftin Gears
Milestone x Full Shift

Bred by Beyers Farms
Purchased by Crossroads Genetics and Marty Fordice Family
Contact Crossroads Genetics for semen availability




big league

Lifetime x Milestone

Bred by Beyers Farms
Purchased by Shaffers Gold Rush

Littermate to:

Champion Lightweight & Third Overall Duroc Barrow - 2015 WPX Junior National
Third Division I Duroc Gilt - 2015 WPX Junior National
Contact Terry for semen availability




Reference Sires  
Milestone Milestone

Flash Drive x Integrity x Can’t Touch This
Ear Notch: 23-2
Registration# 343600002


We believe that breeding programs have points in time where it seems like all you've been working for come to fruition - a milestone per se.... A milestone is defined as a significant event or point in development. We think this boar has the opportunity to live up to his name! This was the one we could not part with. He had our interest shortly after he entered the nursey. His parts and pieces are what we have been searching for in our program for the last couple years. This is a moderate framed, opened up, big footed boar with a perfect skeletal build and the performance to go with it. His appetite and degree of flesh are a benefit of his perfect blade, chest and rib design that has not been manufactured by a feed or fat bucket. This one has big, even toes, and the perfect set to his rear pastern and spread between his dew claws. It all continues on the topside of his skeleton where he excels in mass and shape coming out of the backside of his blade and carries it all the way to the top of his hip. He will see heavy use here at Beyers Farms to continue a winning tradition started by Prenup, Timberwolf, Integrity and High Roller - which were all influential in our breeding program and others. We think this one is better and feel he can take us to the next level of breeding better Duroc hogs.

Winners sired by Milestone:

Fifth Overall Duroc Barrow - 2014 NJSS
Class Winning Gilt - 2014 NJSS
Fourth Division I - 2014 NJSS (semen sales)
Champion 4-H Duroc Barrow - 2014 California State Fair
Reserve Duroc Ring A - 2014 Belt Buckle Bonanza
Champion Duroc Ring B - 2014 Belt Buckle Bonanza
Grand & Reserve Grand Overall Purebred Gilts - 2014 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show (semen sales)
Grand Overall Purebred Barrow - 2014 McLean County, IL (semen sales)
Reserve Grand Overall Barrow - 2014 Fairbury IL Open Show
Class Winning Barrow - 2014 SW Regional
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 SW Regional
Champion Duroc - 2015 OCPA
Reserve Grand Overall Gilt - 2015 OKJSA at Depew
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 Lincoln County, OK (semen sales)
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 Coal County, OK
Grand Overall Breeding Gilt - 2015 Pittsburg County, OK
Reserve Duroc Barrow - 2015 Pittsburg County, OK
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 Grady County, OK
Champion Duroc Gilt - 2015 SE Regional (semen sales)
Fifth Overall Duroc Barrow - 2015 OYE
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 Team Purebred
Reserve Duroc Gilt - 2015 Boone County, IN (semen sales)
Champion Duroc - 2015 Weld County, CO (semen sales)
Grand Overall Gilt - 2015 Woodford County, IL (semen sales)
Grand Overall Purebred Barrow - 2015 McLean County, IL
Class Winning Barrow - 2015 IL State Fair Junior Show
Class Winning Barrow - 2015 IL State Fair Open Show
Grand Overall Barrow - 2015 Fairbury, IL Junior & Open Shows
Reserve Grand Overall Barrow - 2015 Fairbury, IL Open Show
Reserve Duroc Barrow - 2015 Madison County, IL
Reserve Duroc Barrow - 2015 Iroqouis County, IL
Champion Duroc Barrow - 2015 Champaign County, IL
Reserve Duroc Gilt - 2016 OYE






Lifetime x Buck Cherry x Full Shift

Ear Notch: 9-2
Registration# 361853002


A special name for a special boar…We believe this one can make boars or gilts that can be competitive, but one thing is for certain, if he sires red barrows that look like him, it’s a done deal! He is great built, killer looking and has the shape and expression we all want in our show barrows. Is he a freaky, big legged one that will satisfy the bone freaks out there? Probably not, but he will fix some of the issues that come along with that extra coarseness that some want. Genetically, this one has been in the works for us for some time now. He traces back to our oldest sow line that started when Brett left Somerset. The pedigree from above continues: (Full Shift x OJ Junior x Drastic x The Natural x Trendsetter). The old Natural x Trendsetter sow at the end is the original 18-3 sow we started with some time ago. A blend of the old with a shot of new. We look for this one to be the “Face of Franchise” for years to come.

Winners sired by Franchise:

Reserve Duroc & Fourth Overall Gilt - 2016 WPX Junior National
Reserve 4-H Duroc Barrow - 2016 California State Fair
Fourth Division II Duroc Barrow - 2016 NJSS
Reserve Grand Overall Barrow - 2016 Delaware County, IN

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Full Shift



No Doubt
High Profile
No Doubt
High Profile




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Game Plan
Game Plan



High Roller
High Treason
High Roller
High Treason





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